Vivitar Refractor Telescope – Black (VIV-TEL-60700)

Vivitar Refractor Telescope - Black (VIV-TEL-60700)
  • Multiple magnification options 56x, 168x, 175x or 525x
  • Slow motion control for precise adjustments
  • Lightweight durable construction
  • Full-sized adjustable tripod
  • Includes eyepieces 4 and 12.5

With multiple magnification options, up to 525x, slow motion control for precise adjustments & an included tripod, you can marvel at mercury or gaze at the galaxies with the Viv-Tell 60700. This  powerful telescope that is perfect for anyone who wants to get into astronomy & follow in the footsteps of Patrick Moore or Brian Cox.

  • Multiple Magnification Options – 56x, 168x, 175x, 525x  
  • Slow Motion Control for Precise Adjustments  
  • Lightweight Durable Construction  
  • 2 Eyepieces (12.5mm & 4mm)  
  • Barlow lens – to increase telescopes magnification factor  
  • Full-sized Adjustable Tripod  
  • Quick Screw-Type Assembly  
  • Altitude-Azimuth Mount – allows the telescope to move up, down & sideways movement without having to move the tripod

Eye piece size: 4mm or 12.5mm
Equatorial mount: No

Lowest Price: £30.38
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