TS Optics Moon and Skyglow Filter 1,25″ for telescope, TSUCF1

TS Optics Moon and Skyglow Filter 1,25
  • Moon and SkyGlowfilter 1,25″
  • The TS UCF1 works out details on objects that simply aren’t visible without the filter
  • The two images simulate the effect of the TS UCF 1 contrast filter, shown here with moon as an example
  • left photo shows the moon without TSUCF1 filter
  • right photo shows the moon with TSUSF1 filter, we will ship it from germany

the UCF 1 is not just a nebular filter, it is much more versatile. It is an excellent all-purpose filter – suitable both for beginners and advanced observers. It can be used on all telescope sizes and types

Some Examples of Use
>> Jupiter & Saturn … strong gain in contrast on reddish details, like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, or any other red details on a planet. Compared with a normal colour filter the image will not be tainted as much, resulting in a more “natural” image.
>> Mars … Mars is notoriously a planet with weak contrasts. The contrast is boosted with the TS UCF filter, working out previously invisible detail, in particular on the polar caps.
>> Moon … The filter reduces glare and improves contrast, in particular on details that do not lie near the terminator.
>> Twilight Observing … contrast is improved, the blue glare on the sky is reduced for a darker background.
>> Daytime Observing … another application in which contrast is boosted without causing an unnatural coloration of the object.
>> Gas Nebulae … similar in function to a classical nebular filter the UCF 1 boosts contrast, in particular in the red H-Alpha emission line. The background is reduced in brightness, working out details also in other wavelengths. The UCF 1 filter is less extreme than more narrow-band filters – highly recommended for small telescopes where conventional filters swallow too much light. (up to approximately 114mm aperture, but the filter of course works also with bigger telescopes)

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