TS Optics Focus Motor for many 2″ focusers – for motor-driven focusing, AUTOFOC

TS Optics Focus Motor for many 2
  • Precise focusing without touching the telescope – suitable for Skywatcher and Orion focusers
  • easy mounting to many focusers through versatile adapter plate
  • perfect for do-it-yourself construction – simple adaption to different focusers
  • speed continously adjustable from coarse to extreme fine for astrophotography
  • USB adapter optional available for control with PC

TS Focus Motor for many 2″ focusers – for motor-driven focusing

Manual focusing is often challenging. Even the slightest touch of the telescope causes vibrations. But a dancing star or planet cannot be evaluated for precise focus.

Often, it is simply more comfortable and relaxing if you only need to press two push-buttons and completely concentrate on reaching the best possible sharpness.

For astrophotographers, a motor-driven focusing is almost a necessity

The image of the star is on the screen of the computer which is often located far away from the focuser, especially at Newtonian telescopes. A motor-driven focusing saves standing up and the manual adjusting, You gain time and especially precision. Focusing simply works better.

Two big push-buttons allows for inverting the direction, the controling knob allows for adjusting the speed.

Mounting to focusers:

Included is a versatile base with long bores for adapting the TS AUTOFOC to the bottom side of the focuser. The base is used for fixing the motor to the focuser.

Then, the motor itself is connected directly to the focuser shaft by the flexible connection.

The AUTOFOC is suitable for Skywatcher and Orion Crayford focusers, but can adapted to other fosusers with a bit of technical skill.

Technical datas:

Power supply: 9 V (internal battery)

Cable: Flexible spiral cable – upt to 1 m

Motor: DC motor

Control functions: inversion of the direction and contious adjustment of speed

Scope of delivery:

Focus motor with adapter plate

Control box

Lowest Price: £72.90
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