Orion ShortTube 80-A Refractor Telescope

Orion ShortTube 80-A Refractor Telescope
  • Our popular ShortTube 80 refractor telescope, configured for astronomical viewing
  • Fully multi-coated optics provides maximum light throughput to your eye for bright wide-field views
  • Big 8×40 finder scope makes it easy to aim the ShortTube 80-A accurately
  • The 400mm, f/5 achromatic refractor optics deliver wide-field views of deep-sky and solar system objects
  • Features a smooth-adjusting 1.25″ rack and pinion focuser, and includes 90-degree mirror star diagonal, two Expanse eyepieces (20mm, 9mm), tube rings, short dovetail bar, soft carry case, and Starry Night software

The ST80-A (for Astronomy) is an upgraded version of our popular ShortTube 80. Now improved with fully multi-coated optics and a soft carrying case, the “little scope that could” is better than ever! Its 80mm objective lens and short 400mm (f/5.0) focal length are perfect for scanning the heavens. Multi-coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces ensure maximum light transmission for bold image fidelity. You’ll see dramatic star clusters and nebulas as well as sharp lunar surface detail. The ST80-A includes an aluminum rack-and-pinion focuser (1.25″), 90-deg mirror diagonal, large 8×40 finder scope, and two Expanse wide-field eyepieces (20mm and 9mm). It also comes with tube rings and a dovetail bar compatible with many Orion mounts. It’s a great scope for getting started in astronomy – or the perfect portable second scope for travel or quick looks. One-year limited warranty.

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Orion ShortTube 80 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube Assembly (White)

Orion ShortTube 80 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube Assembly (White)
  • An ideal refractor telescope optical tube assembly for use as a guide scope with a CCD autoguider, or for wide-field observations
  • Fast, wide field-of-view optics excel at guide star acquisition and viewing expansive celestial objects
  • Fully multi-coated 80mm aperture f/5.0 optics deliver bright, wide-field images with sharp resolution
  • Weighs just 2.95 lbs. and measures 15" long – can easily be added to an astrophotography system without overloading your telescope mount
  • Sold as optical tube assembly only without accessories – accessories sold separately

This version of the popular ShortTube 80 is sold without accessories. It is ideal for use as a guide scope with a CCD autoguider. All air-to-glass surfaces are fully multicoated, ensuring maximum light transmission for enhanced brightness and clarity. The ST80’s 80mm objective doublet lens and 400mm focal length (f/5.0) deliver bright, wide-field images. Only 15-1/2″ in length, the ST80 is easily portable. The 1.25″ cast aluminum rack-and-pinion focuser has a focus lock knob and a dovetail fitting to accommodate Orion finder scopes. For use as a guidescope, use guidescope rings (sold separately). One-year limited warranty. Dovetail mounting bar not included.

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