The Apex Handheld Microscope

The Apex Handheld Microscope
  • A handheld microscope producing magnified images on a TV or projector
  • Magnifies between x5 and x200 with built in LED lighting giving bright colour images
  • Superb education and teaching tool.
  • Cordless and will work up to 30 feet away from the docking station/TV
  • Stands are available as an accessory.

The Apex Zoomview is a handheld microscope that can magnify up to x200 and display an image on any television through the AV port. Simply tune the television to the correct AV channel and the image appears automatically. The Zoomview is cordless and will work up to 30 feet away from its docking centre allowing the unit to obtain images from all sorts of difficult to reach places. The docking station simply attaches to the television via its AV lead and the Zoomview communicates with the docking station by wireless. The built in LED lights have a brightness control and produce really clear coloured images. There is a choice of four communication channels between the Zoomview and the docking station. The unit is powered by internal rechargeable batteries that will last for several hours between each charge. As well as being a handheld microscope, the Zoomview will also focus into the distance like a normal CCTV camera. In the box is the Handheld Zoomview Microscope, the docking station, transformer plug with recharging lead and the leads to connect the docking station to the television. For TV and projectors, but would need a TV video encoder to work with a computer.

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Orion 9825 Apex 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

Orion 9825 Apex 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope
  • Compact Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope optical tube outfitted for daytime terrestrial use – just add a tripod!
  • Excellent for daytime use as a versatile spotting scope capable of high magnification views
  • During the night the Apex 127 provides sharply detailed views of the Moon, brighter planets such as Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn as well as open and globular star clusters and cloudy nebulas
  • Tripod not included – altazimuth or field tripod will provide a solid foundation for the Apex 127 (mount and/or tripod sold separately)
  • Includes a 25mm Sirius Plossl 1.25″ eyepiece, 6×30 finder scope, 45-degree correct-image diagonal, soft carry case, Starry Night astronomy software, and more!

When it comes to telescopes, bigger is better, and you can do no better than the Apex 127 compact Mak-Cass. Its 127mm (5″)-diameter optics collects 55% more light through its multi-coated, 5″ meniscus lens than that of a 4″ scope, putting it in the big leagues for astronomical observing and advanced nature study. But big doesn’t mean bulky! Even with a focal length of 1540mm (f/12.1), the Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design reduces the tube length to just 15″! The Apex 127 couples to any sturdy equatorial mount or photo-style tripod. T-threads on the eyepiece adapter also allow attachment of a 35mm camera body (with T-ring sold separately). The classy Apex 127 comes standard with a 6×26 achromatic finder scope, a 45-deg correct-image prism diagonal, and fully padded case. One-year limited warranty.

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