Celestron T-Adapter, Universal 1-1/4″

Celestron T-Adapter, Universal 1-1/4
  • Allows connection of a SLR camera to a telescope
  • Telescope then functions as a camera lens to capture images of the night time sky
  • Connection to a camera requires use of the appropriate T-Ring
  • Universally compatible with all telescopes with a standard 1.25″ eyepiece socket
  • Easy to fit and use

Product details

Celestron T-Adapter Universal 1¼”

Allows you to attach your DSLR camera to the prime focus of your
telescope or spotting scope

Both T-Adapter and T-Ring are required to mount a DSLR camera to your

With the Celestron Universal T-Adapter you can now capture amazing
celestial moments forever in the form of a photograph through your DSLR
camera. This can be securely connected via the adapter (with use of the
appropriate T-Ring) to any Celestron telescope with a standard 1.25″
eyepiece socket, so that the telescope effectively functions as the
camera lens. Ideal for lunar or planetary imaging, it’s a compact piece
of kit that can easily be carried between viewing locations and fitted
in a hurry if necessary.

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National Geographic Newtonian Telescope 114/ 900 AZ with tripod

National Geographic Newtonian Telescope 114/ 900 AZ with tripod
  • Mirror telescope for beginners and amateur astronomers
  • Aperture: 114mm / Focal length: 900m / Newtonian mirror telescope
  • With aluminium tripod
  • Magnification: 36x-675x
  • Included: Telescope with tripod, eyepieces, optical finder, 3x barlow lense, 3x erecting lense, manual

This reflecting telescope shows not only the big planets, but also bright deep-sky objects when you are observing under dark skies.
Fully equipped, and with a mount that is easy to use, this telescope is ideal for a beginner that has no astronomical knowledge, but wants to immerse him or herself in space. Explore the moons and cloud bands of Jupiter or the majestic rings of Saturn, or find other galaxies, star clusters and nebula on a moonless night.

Optical system: Reflector
Mirror diameter: 114 mm
Focal length: 900 mm
Magnification: 36X-675X
Mount: azimuth
Eyepieces: 4/9/25 mm
Viewfinder: 6X30
Barlow lens: 3X
Erecting lens: 1.5X
Tripod: yes

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