Solomark Optics 1.25″ 4pcs Filter Set for Celestron, Orion, Sky-watcher, Meade, William and any brands models (1.25 inch, 4 filters set)

Solomark Optics 1.25
  • They are an essential tool of the lunar and planetary observer, for filters permit the observation and photography of surface detail that is often virtually invisible without filtration.
  • Standand filter thread on both sides for 1.25″ eyepieces and other accessories.
  • 4 color filter set: Yellow / Red / Green / Blue suit for different planets
  • Metal frame and made of optical glass with an anti-reflection coating
  • Comes with a plastic box to keep it safe and clean when not in use.

For observing the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, colored filters are the most useful.

To bring out contrast in the clouds of Jupiter and Saturn, or see fine detail on the surface of Mars, you should consider a set of inexpensive colored-glass planetary filters that thread into your eyepieces.

These four filters are all that you need to tease out detail on the brighter planets.

#12 Yellow filters
It bring out the polar ice caps, enhance blue clouds in the atmosphere, increase contrast, and brighten desert regions on Mars. They also enhance red and orange features on Jupiter and Saturn. This filter has 74% VLT.

#23A Light Red filters
It help to make Mercury and Venus stand out from the blue sky when viewed during the day. Used in large telescopes, light red sharpens boundaries and increases contrast on Mars, sharpens belt contrast on Jupiter, and brings out surface detail on Saturn. This filter has 25% VLT.

#56 Light Green
This filter enhance frost patches, surface fogs, and polar projections on Mars, the ring system on Saturn, and belts on Jupiter. This filter has 53 VLT.

#80A Blue
This filter provide detail in atmospheric clouds on Mars, brings out detail in belts and polar features on Saturn, and enhances contrast on Jupiter’s bright areas and cloud boundaries. A blue filter is also useful in helping to split the binary star Antares when at maximum separation. This filter has 30% VLT

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