Solomark 0.965 to 1.25 Inch Telescope Eyepiece Adapter

Solomark 0.965 to 1.25 Inch Telescope Eyepiece Adapter
  • Telescope Adaptation- 24.5mm (0.965″) male barrel
  • Eyepiece Adaptation: 1.25″ (31.7mm) inside
  • Optical Length (not counting the 24.5mm barrel): about 30mm
  • Several older telescopes have a focuser or star diagonal for eyepieces with 24.5mm (0.965″) barrel diameter. It is possible to use newer eyepieces with 1.25″ – for this you only need this adaptor.
  • Fits all types and brands of telescopes with a 0.965in focuser

This is a very high quality anodized aluminum adapter that has filter threads at the bottom for 0.965″ telescope filters .? It also has an internal brass ring that the set screw hits to hold your 1.25″ eyepiece inside.? This eliminates marks on your eyepiece barrel.? Nice large thumbscrew that is easy to turn even in very cold conditions or with gloves on.

Model: 0.965″ to 1.25″ Mount Adapter
Built with metal material
Weight: 1oz

Lowest Price: £15.99
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