Set of 4 telescope colour filters 31.7mm (1.25″) The most important!!!

Set of 4 telescope colour filters 31.7mm (1.25
  • compatible with all 31.7mm (1.25″) eyepieces
  • can be used stacked (threads on both sides)
  • purest crown optical glass (dyed in the mass)
  • anti-reflection coating
  • very thin metal cell (clear aperture of 26mm)

Observations of the Moon and other planets can hardly be imagined without Seben’s colour filters anymore. Yet not visible details become perceptible because of the increased contrast and improved resolution.

To observe with or without Seben’s colour filters makes a huge difference and is decisive for the perception of certain details at all!

This set of Seben’s colour filters is ideally suitable as starter-package, which enables you the filtration of the most important objects in our solar system!

Orange :
Due to the absorption of blue-greenish colours it is especially suitable for the observation of orange-yellowish surface structures on Mars. It also increases the perceptibility of details in Jupiter’s and Saturn’s belts and polar regions.

Dark Blue :
Blocks transmission of orange and red almost completely. Is especially suitable for the observation of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and its reddish belts. It brings out details of Saturn’s ring system. In greater apertures it even brings out cloud details on Venus. Can also be used to observe dust storms on Mars.

Light Green :
A popular filter for the observation of the Martian polar ice caps and yellowish dust storms on Mars surface. Also great for observations of the moon. The contrast of the red and blue regions in Jupiter’s atmosphere will be enhanced.

Grey :
Ideally suitable for the observation of the moon as well as other bright planets and reflecting celestial objects like double stars. Great results can also be reached in combination with other coloured filters.

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