Seben DKA2 Universal Digiscoping Digital Camera and Videocamera Adapter

Seben DKA2 Universal Digiscoping Digital Camera and Videocamera Adapter
  • For telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, night vision devices, microscopes
  • Explore the fascination of digital photography!
  • Camera connection: 6.35mm (1/4″)
  • Weight: 300g (0.66lb)

On the market there are many products that don’t keep their ads’ promises. From us you’ll only receive original Seben, like this adapter that includes a screwable clamp mechanism and the possibility to sway the camera away. Probably the most important characteristics of a camera adapter to allow to make good photos.

Ideally suitable for pictures and video clips of animals, people, birds and planes in great distances. It allows you to digitally store images and video very easily. Combined with a night vision device, you’ll be able to take wonderful night shots. Furthermore you can take digital pictures of your microscopy observations. Our Seben digital camera adapter will delight you, as it enables you to connect your digital camera swiftly and easily to your telescope, spotting scope, binoculars or to many further different optical instruments. Due of its intelligent design, you don’t have to worry about things like threaded connections of camera objectives, expensive lens adapters for your specific camera or adapter lens rings anymore. You don’t need them! Even if you buy a new digital camera, you can continue to use the Seben adapter, which will save you money

What do I need to use the Seben digital camera adapter?
You need a digital camera with a 6.35mm (1/4″)-threaded tripod connection. Also, you need an optical instrument, e.g a spotting scope, telescope or similar.

Is assembly complicated?
Quite the opposite, assembly is truly simple. The Seben digital camera adapter has to be connected to the eyepiece of the optical device (telescope, spotting scope, etc.) by using its sturdy clamp mechanism. You’ll notice that the integrated fine adjustment is very practical, because it makes it easy to use.

With everything set up, can I still make observations?
Yes, contrary to standard adapters, you can easily sway the digital camera away to allow conventional viewing through the optical device without loosing time.

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