proxistar Reflector Telescope Universal Flexible Holder 170 CM

proxistar Reflector Telescope Universal Flexible Holder 170 CM
  • Telescope Reflector Holder
  • Free repositionable removable clips
  • For Universal use with such as reflectors, acrylic plates Stryroporplatten etc.
  • Use as mini boom Arm
  • Can be rotated in any Position

The reflector holder offers a valuable support in their Fotografenalltag. you can reflectors in a variety of shapes and sizes, but also add Polystyrene Plexiglasscheiben or other accessories can be fitted easily using the included clips quickly and simply, providing it is the Reflector Holder Arm thanks to the Teleskopauslegers up to 170 cm with Pulling the holder to attach to any standard tripod to make it has a Spigotaufnahme. it, the incline of the holder, if necessary, request through the swivel head can be adjusted thanks to the swivelling and angle of Reflektorhalters you can be very flexible in its uses:

° Reflector Telescope Holder

° Universal can be used with for example, reflectors, acrylic plates etc Stryroporplatten

° freely repositionable removable clips

° swivelling in any Position

° use as a mini boom Arm

Min Length: approx. 73 cm /

Max Length: approx. 170 cm

Max width of Clip: approx. 160 cm

pole diameter: 12 mm / 15 mm / 18 mm /

Weight: approximately 1.1 kg

Colour: Black Material: Aluminum, rubber

Box contents:

*1 x Reflector Holder Stand and Reflector are not included

Lowest Price: £43.75
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