Orion 8207 6.3mm E-Series Telescope Eyepiece

Orion 8207 6.3mm E-Series Telescope Eyepiece
  • Threaded for use with 1.25″ Orion eyepiece filters
  • Fully coated glass optics provide bright views in any telescope
  • Increase magnification affordably with the quality Orion 6.3mm E-Series telescope eyepiece
  • Quality 6.3mm eyepiece

This 6.3mm E-Series Beginner Telescope Eyepiece is a great higher-power lens for beginning astronomy enthusiasts due to its high-quality glass lenses, admirable performance, and amazing value. The 6.3mm focal length eyepiece has a 1.25″ barrel diameter so it’s ready for use in any modern telescope with a 1.25″ focuser. This E-Series Beginner Telescope Eyepiece provides high-magnification views thanks to its relatively short 6.3mm focal length. It’s a perfect eyepiece to use for inspection of craters, mountains, and valleys on the Moon’s surface. Get high power views of planets such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the crescent of Venus with this E-Series Beginner Telescope Eyepiece. On clear evenings with good seeing conditions, you can even resolve double stars with the 6.3mm E-Series eyepiece. The Orion 6.3mm E-Series Telescope Eyepiece is fully coated with an anti-reflection coating which allows light to pass through the eyepiece for bright, pleasing views. The 6.3mm E-Series Telescope Eyepiece barrel is internally blackened to reduce glare and to prevent internal reflections from reducing image quality. You can enhance views through the 6.3mm E-Series Beginner Telescope Eyepiece easily since it is threaded for use with 1.25″ Orion filters. All eyepiece filters are sold separately.

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