Orion 11042 Observer 60mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope (Teal)

Orion 11042 Observer 60mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope (Teal)
  • The perfect gift for kids interested in astronomy to stargaze on their own or with their families, the Observer 60mm Refractor offers jaw-dropping views of the Moon’s craters, Saturn’s rings, Jupiter and it’s moons, and more!
  • Utilizes a 60mm glass lens (not plastic) and includes two fully-coated 1.25 inch telescope eyepieces for two different viewing magnification options
  • Includes a red-dot EZ Finder II reflex sight to make aiming the telescope at celestial objects easy
  • The aluminum telescope tripod is sturdy yet lightweight, making the Observer 60 a very portable refractor
  • With the included Starry Night software, you can print out detailed maps of the sky to make locating objects to view even easier

For about the price of a fast-food meal and a movie, the whole family can enjoy countless nights out with our Observer 60 telescope. It’s the perfect scope for giving any novice their first jaw-dropping glimpses of lunar craters, Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons, star clusters, and bright nebulas. A definite step up in quality from the standard department-store models, the Observer 60 features two fully coated 1.25″ Kellner eyepieces, a 1.25″ focuser, an Orion EZ Finder II aiming device, and a sturdy aluminum tripod with accessory tray. Everything you need to get started exploring space! You even get Starry Night SE astronomy software worth .90 — FREE! This is a great telescope for young beginners who are interested in looking at the stars. Its affordable price, high quality, and ease-of-use make the Observer 60 AZ Refractor an ideal telescope for curious kids and their families. The Observer 60 is not a toy, but is a genuine refracting telescope with real glass optics – not plastic lenses – capable of providing clear and sharp views of the Moon and more on any cloud-free night. Having a real telescope with as much quality as the Observer 60 AZ will allow your child’s interest in astronomy to grow as they begin to explore the night sky.

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