Orion 10140 StarBlast 114mm AutoTracker Reflector Telescope

Orion 10140 StarBlast 114mm AutoTracker Reflector Telescope
  • Winning combination of a 114mm reflector telescope and the StarBlast AutoTracker Mount
  • Ample aperture for great views of the Moon and planets as well as brighter nebulas, star clusters and other deep space curiosities
  • StarBlast AutoTracker Mount tracks the object you’re observing until you’re ready to move on to the next one
  • A great portable reflector telescope setup for astronomy buffs on-the-go
  • Includes 25mm and 10mm 1.25″ eyepieces, EZ Finder II reflex sight, cell phone adapter bracket, L-bracket with extension, and more

It’s easy for the whole family to enjoy stargazing fun with the Orion StarBlast 114mm AutoTracker Reflector Telescope. It’s combination of great reflector telescope optics and an easy-to-use motorized tracking mount makes it easy to explore starry skies. The 114mm (4.5″) aperture reflector telescope gathers a substantial amount of light for great views of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, the Moon, and brighter deep space objects such as nebulas, star clusters, and brighter galaxies. The included StarBlast AutoTracker Mount will automatically track any of these objects once you’ve aimed the telescope at them, so you can enjoy the view for as long as you wish without having to hassle with re-aiming the telescope as the object appears to migrate across the night sky. Thanks to its dual-encoder clutch mechanism, you can aim the 114mm reflector telescope manually without the tracking system losing its alignment. An EZ Finder II is included to help aim the reflector telescope accurately, and two included 1.25″ eyepieces provide two different magnifications (50x and 20x respectively) right out of the box! Weighs just 12.4 lbs. when assembled. Eight AA batteries are required for motorized operation of the Orion StarBlast 114mm AutoTracker Reflector Telescope; or you can use an optional 12V, 2 amp power supply or AC adapter (batteries and optional power supplies sold separately).

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