Orion 05306 SteadyPix Pro Universal Camera/Smartphone Mount (Black)

Orion 05306 SteadyPix Pro Universal Camera/Smartphone Mount (Black)
  • Heavy-duty bracket makes it easy to position a point-and-shoot or smartphone camera over a telescope eyepiece for high-magnification photography
  • Included smartphone bracket securely grips phones up to 3.15 inch (80mm) wide and of any length
  • Eliminates blurry hand-held photos by providing a stable foundation for smartphones and cameras
  • Clamp fits 1.25 inch telescope eyepieces with housing diameters between 28mm and 45mm
  • Not compatible with DSLR cameras

If you own a telescope and a point-and-shoot camera or smartphone, all you need is the Orion SteadyPix Pro to start taking high-magnification photos of the night sky! This easy-to-use mounting bracket securely holds your camera or smartphone right up to your telescope’s 1.25″ eyepiece – at the perfect position and focus point – allowing you to capture impressive pictures of the Moon, bright planets Saturn and Jupiter, or even a bright deep-sky object. Anyone who’s tried to hand-hold a camera up to a telescope eyepiece will greatly appreciate the SteadyPix Pro Universal Camera/Smartphone Mount. It eliminates shot-blurring hand shakiness and frustrating vignetting by holding the attached camera squarely at exactly the right distance from the lens, yielding consistently sharp, perfectly framed pictures or videos. The SteadyPix Pro features three degrees of adjustability for precise centering, and its aluminum and ABS construction provides superior rigidity. The eyepiece clamp fits telescope eyepieces with housings measuring 28mm to 45mm in diameter, including most 1.25″ oculars. Your point-and-shoot camera attaches to the SteadyPix Pro’s camera platform with a captive 1/4″-20 stud that won’t get lost in the dark. (Will not work with DSLRs.) The included smartphone bracket grips phones up to 3.15″ (80mm) wide and of any length. Why not explore astrophotography inexpensively? You can with the Orion SteadyPix Pro! Weighs 12.4 oz.; 17 oz. with smartphone holder attached.

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