National Geographic Telescope 130/650 Newtonian

National Geographic Telescope 130/650 Newtonian
  • Telescope for beginners and amateur astronomers
  • Aperture: 130mm / Focal length: 650mm / Newtonian-mirror telescope with spherical main mirror
  • Magnification: 26x-195x / LED-Finder / Stable equatorial mount with aluminum tripod
  • Lot of accessories
  • Included: Telescope with mount and tripod, eyepieces, LED-Finder, 3x Barlow lense, moon filter, rotatable star map, Astronomy software, manual

The telescope collects a ton of light with its 130mm aperture, making astronomical objects outside our solar system also observable. The short focal length of just 650mm makes the telescope very compact and ideal for observing extended star clusters and nebulae.

A tour of the summer Milky Way will impress you; and in the winter sky, the Pleiades, Orion Nebula and numerous star clusters are easy objects for this telescope. The stable equatorial mount can be polar-aligned. Following the movement of the stars is then easily done by turning a hand control.


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