National Geographic Compact Telescope 114/500

National Geographic Compact Telescope 114/500
  • Compact Dobsonian telescope for beginners and amateur astronomers
  • Watch our nightsky with all its amazing objects like planets, gas nebulas, galaxies and lot more
  • Aperture: 114mm / Focal length: 500mm / Newtonian mirror telescope
  • Magnification 25x-167x / Recommended maximum magnification: 230x
  • Included: Dobsonian telescope, eyepieces, 2x barlow lens, moon filter, LED finder, manual

A compact, optically-fast telescope for astronomers that is easy to transport and simple to operate. It is a so-called ‘Dobsonian’ telescope. This type of reflecting telescope is very easy for beginners to use and collects a lot of light from astronomical objects.

This Dobsonian reflector telescope comes fully assembled. It can be simply placed on a table for you to immediately get started with your space exploration. Extensive accessories are provided for getting started as simply as easily as possible with your star-filled fun.


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