Meade LXPS 7 Power Supply

Meade LXPS 7 Power Supply
  • Mains rechargeable
  • Capacity: 12VDC, 7 Amp Hour
  • Includes mains AC adapter and leads
  • Red and white LED light
  • Built-in circuit breaker

The LXPS Rechargeable Portable Power Supply easily powers your telescope and electronic devices while in the field. Connect your equipment using the two 12V cigarette lighter ports, two USB ports, or through the positive/negative terminals on the back. The LXPS includes a built-in circuit breaker and fused circuit to protect your valuable equipment. With USA and international type AC adapter plugs, you’ll be able to recharge the LXPS both in the field and overseas. The Meade LXPS 7 also includes an adjustable super bright 30 LED spotlight and white flashlight with red filter attachment, perfect for setting up and tearing down in the dark. The LXPS is great for emergency situations like jump starting your car battery. With 7-amp hours, the LXPS 7 is a key essential to compliment any observing session.

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