Meade ETX80 Goto Telescope Tabletop System

Meade ETX80 Goto Telescope Tabletop System
  • Battery Life (approx.) 20 hrs
  • Batteries (user-supplied) 6 x AA
  • Eyepiece(s) Super Plössl 9.7mm and 26mm
  • Meade #494 Autostar computerised goto handset
  • Planetarium Software and Instructional DVD Included

If you are considering buying a telescope for yourself or loved-one then look no further! The Ultra portable, Meade ETX-80 Go-To Telescope Table-Top System makes the ideal companion to help the exploration of the night sky. You can take this telescope straight from your cupboard and, in moments, be observing celestial wonders from your patio table. Moon craters by the hundreds, cloud belts on Jupiter, and Saturn’s rings are just the beginning of what can be seen with this telescope. The table top mount allows you to use the ETX-80 Telescope on an outside table or bench but also has an integrated photographic tripod thread to enable mounting onto any standard photographic tripod. (Please be aware that the photographic tripod needs to be capable of supporting more than 4.0kg in weight.) If you choose to, you can even make use of the included Autostar computer handset that can take you and your telescope on a guided tour of the night sky, finding in seconds objects that used to take minutes or hours for a beginner to locate. To take advantage of the superb Go-To features of the ETX-80 just add batteries (6 x AA batteries required – user supplied) and follow the simple instructions. You can now select from over 1400 sky objects in the Autostar database and if the item is visible in the night sky at that time of year, the telescope will slew around and put the object in the eyepiece. View planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulas all at the push of a button. Don’t know what to see on a particular night? Don’t worry. Just select the Tonight’s BestTM tour and AutoStar will automatically take you on a guided tour of the best planets, stars, nebulas and other objects out that particular night. Even if you want to know more about what you’re looking at, the LCD display gives you details like distance, temperature, mass, and historical information. The AutoStar is truly your guide to the universe.

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