Kepler GR 7×50 Binoculars – Ideal for Birds/Nature/Star Gazing – Anti-UV Coating Excellent Value

Kepler GR 7x50 Binoculars - Ideal for Birds/Nature/Star Gazing - Anti-UV Coating Excellent Value
  • 7x Magnification – Very Bright Image, Good Low Light Performance
  • Fully Coated Optics – Anti-UV Coating (Reduces glare)
  • Rubber Armoured Body
  • Includes Case, Strap and Caps
  • Tripod Mountable

The Kepler Optics GR range of binoculars provide excellent value for money without compromising image or build quality. Featuring rubber armoured bodies and fully coated lenses. The 7×50 model is well suited to marine use with exceptionally bright and stable images for on ship viewing. This level of magnification is also well suited as a birdwatching binocular. The combination of 7x magnification and 50mm front lens results in much brighter images than higher magnification models, this results in comfortable long term use. This combination could be used as a budget astronomy or low light observation binocular. This combination of great value for money and comfortable, easy to use size make this the perfect entry model. PLEASE NOTE – Anti-UV coating reduces glare to give a sharper image in bright and hazy conditions. It does not, as some sellers claim, help low light performance or give the binoculars ‘night vision’ properties. It will in fact make the binoculars less suitable for low light work. It is a useful feature for uses such as plane spotting where you would be viewing a clear bright sky.

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