Dobson 300-76 ETU (Easy-To-Use) Telescope including Big Pack

Dobson 300-76 ETU (Easy-To-Use) Telescope including Big Pack
  • The most easy to use Seben Telescope of all times
  • We assembled a Big Pack for you again, as we are known for! Lots of accessories are included without hidden extra costs!
  • With the provided 31.7mm (1.25″) eyepieces (20mm, 12.5mm, 6mm and 4mm) the following magnifications can be achieved: 15x + 24x + 30x + 48x + 50x +75x +100x + 150x
  • Faintest discernable stars: up to 12.0M! (over 1,000,000 stars visible!)

Make the right choice and experience a fascinating journey through the starlit sky with this Seben telescope, or enjoy splendid observations of landscapes and animals from large distances.

The Dobson design is especially characterized by its handy short focal length of 300mm combined with a 76mm aperture that ensures high intensity of light. These characteristics turn this telescope into the ideal device for all those who want to observe quickly and uncomplicated.

It is of course also perfectly suitable as travelling telescope.

Easy-To-Use means that it is hardly possible to make observations easier as with this telescope. It is so simple that even completely inexperienced people and children (approx. >6) can use it and enjoy fascinating observations right away.

The telescope will be delivered to you readily assembled. Due to its size it can easily be stored in a cupboard or even on a shelve. Storing it like that will give any house an interesting and scientific touch.

The Dobson mount which is used for this telescope is in contrast to many simple astronomy-mounts not only extremely stable, but it can also quickly and easily be moved to aim at any point in the sky or on earth. The Dobson mount is horizontally pivotable by 360° and can be tilted.

This enables best observation conditions, especially if you want to shift from celestial to terrestrial viewing or vice versa.

Whereas you usually have to spend a lot of extra money for important accessories with other manufacturers, there is not a penny extra to be paid with us!

Contents of delivery:
1x Telescope tube Seben 300-76
1x High-performance eyepiece H20
1x High-performance eyepiece H12,5
1x High-performance eyepiece H6
1x High-performance eyepiece SR4
1x 1,5x erecting piece
1x Barlow-Lens
4x Protective eyepiece receptacles
1x Protective cap for the aperture
1x Protective cap for the accessory socket
1x Dobson mount

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