BV & Jo 700x76mm Reflector Astronomy Telescope with Tripod and Eyepieces Adjustable Tripod Dual Purpose

BV & Jo 700x76mm Reflector Astronomy Telescope with Tripod and Eyepieces Adjustable Tripod Dual Purpose
  • Starscope 76*700 Newtonian reflector telescope, ideal for beginners. For more stability, this telescope comes (compared with many other beginner telescopes) with a significantly stiffer tripod.
  • Magnification SR4mm = 175x, H12.5mm = 56x, H20mm = 35x, Magnification with Barlow-Lens and eyepiece: SR4mm = 350x, H12.5mm = 112x, H20mm = 70x
  • This high performance telescope surprises many because of its almost unbelievably excellent value for money, and it enables a simple entrance into the field of astronomy.
  • The telescope will carry you on a journey of discovery to far away comets and planets and will give you the opportunity to “reach” for the stars.

High performance data is created through the use of high-quality components.
High-contrast image sharpness, but also high-class workmanship has satisfied the buyers of reflector telescopes for years.
Because of its up-to-date-construction, and in combination with its modern, high performance 1.25″ (31.7mm) accessory sockets, you are able to equip 700-76 telescope with nearly every accessory available. It is even possible to extend F700-76 telescope for the popular pastime of Astrophotography!
Whereas you usually have to spend a lot of extra money for important accessories with other manufacturers, there is not a penny extra to be paid with us.
Moon Filter: for a contrast-enhanced and rich in detail observation
Barlow-Lens: doubling of the magnification
Erecting Eyepiece: upright and side correct image for terrestrial viewing
Finder Scope: to locate celestial objects easily.
Mount: Easy shifting from celestial to terrestrial viewing.

Package inclues:
1x Telescope tube 700-76
1x High-performance eyepiece H20
1x High-performance eyepiece H12.5
1x High-performance eyepiece H6
1x High-performance eyepiece SR4
1x Erecting Eyepiece
1x Moon Filter
1x Barlow-Lens
1x Finder Scope 5×24
1x Azimuthal Mount
4x Protective eyepiece receptacles
1x Protective cap for the tube
1x Protective cap for the accessory socket
1x Aluminium tripod

Lowest Price: £51.99
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